An Easter Tribute

On this Beautiful Easter Sunday, I invite you to watch this short video about my savior, Jesus Christ. The healing power of his atonement is the greatest of all the gifts that I have ever been given. I spend my time each day writing this blog in the hopes that it may inspire some to look to alternative ways of healing. Secondarily, to encourage all to find the power within to do become self sufficient. But I know with all of my heart that I am nothing without the inspiration that comes from my Heavenly Father and that I would be nothing if not for the sacrifice of my Savior. It is my testimony this beautiful spring day that He lives. He lives for us and begs us to come to him and partake of his goodness. Through him, we can each be guided to what is best for us. It is his spirit that guides me in all that I do.  I would invite you to seek Him. If you have already found him, then continue to go to him for all that you need and I promise you that He will direct your path.

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How to Make Orange Julius with Real Food Ingredients

A few weeks ago I got a 40lb box of oranges for a great deal. In an effort to get them used up before they turn into penicillin, I made a fun treat for the family. I saw an idea on a blog but for the life of me, can't find it. So, sorry, I can't give credit where credit is due. So, I just made it up as I went along, which is usually what I do anyhow.

Juice 10 oranges, and if you have one, throw in a pineapple as well. Then freeze the juice into cubes.
When the juice is frozen, you are ready to make bliss in a blender.

1 1/2 cups milk (raw is a good choice here).
1/2 cup heavy cream (it is not the devil).
1 t vanilla
3 drops orange essential oil (Makes it soo sweet without adding sugar).
2 pastured eggs
2-4 T honey or evaporated cane sugar
Enough of your orange ice to bring the liquid to the 4 C mark on the blender.

Then give it a whirl! Orange Julius!

The eggs and cream make it so creamy and honestly, 4T of sweetener made it too sweet. The Orange oils adds a lot of sweetness. If you don't believe me, just try it. My sugar addicted husband and son loved it so much they licked drops off  the table. So, I made another batch and they fought over that too. We need more oranges!

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Mango Fruit Leather

I have really been trying hard to never let any produce go to waste. Sometimes I think it is just too time consuming to do something with it. I noticed a rotten mango in the depths of my fridge. Lonely, shriveled and forgotten. I vowed not to let that happen with the four in my fruit basket. So, because none of us really love to eat mangoes and I hate peeling and cutting them, I got it all over with at once to make this yummy fruit leather. I added the peeled and cut fruit to the blender and gave it a whir until smooth.

Next, I put it in a big pot and added about 1 1/2 cups of my home made applesauce which gets forgotten in the fridge as well. There was no visible mold at this point, so I threw that in. Add to that 2 T of raw honey and 8 drops lemon essential oil (optional, but worth it.) Give it a good stir, and it is ready to dehydrate.

I put a heaping 1 cup of puree on each sheet and use one of these spreaders to get it as even as possible. A little was left over. It was good. Let it dry for 8 hours or until it peels off the trays easily. You can also spread between 2 large jelly roll pans and put in oven at lowest setting overnight.

Clean up is a breeze with the help of my hungry back yard pigs chickens. I open the door and yell, "oh chickens!" And they come a- running.  On the left is a little action shot. I still get kinda weepy when I see them all running towards me and there is a noticeable void with our missing fat turkey (He was delicious.) Then I smile as I see the happy little girls..and one rooster gobbling up the tasty treat.

I smile some more when I see these happy children gobbling up a treat that is 100% pure goodness with some added love.

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My Barn is Full!

This morning I went down to the barn to check on the goats and found another springtime surprise. Another baby doe and buck.  I was not too surprised, however since I just knew last night would be the night. As I said goodnight to our pretty black doe, she just had that look in her eye that said, "help me!" I know that look. I have had it four times myself. I wished her luck and headed to bed.  Well,  in actuality, I am not that in tune with the goats; I am no goat whisperer. The reason I was not surprised is that Farmer Thompson is out of town, so it seemed like the best time possible for our goat to kid. I had to dispose of afterbirth myself.. which the chickens are currently fighting over in the yard. I grabbed a pitch fork and some leather gloves and mucked out the stalls. I have seen my mom do it a thousand times, so it wasn't hard. I had to jump in with both feet and put my inner princess aside and just go for it. I smell like a goat barn now. I think I will revel in that for a bit. Just to remind myself that I can do hard, dirty, smelly, things.
Now our barn runneth over with the pitter -patter of little goat feet and the cutest little noises. It is amazing how each baby knows who its mother is.  I do love spring on the farm. Next week, I milk a goat! I will make goat cheese, and goat milk yogurt and sour cream. Boy, I hope we like goat milk.



Syrup for Cough..or Pancakes, You Choose!

Long before my love affair with lemon, lime, and grapefruit oil, I began a relationship with coconut oil.  It is antibacterial and antiviral. And tell me truly, can anything unpleasant come from a coconut? I think not! I use it for all sorts of things from spreading on my muffins and pancakes, to a body scrub, to deodorant. It is just that good.

I found a blog recently, completely devoted to all things coconut. It is www.thecoconutmama.com. I tried her recipe for cough medicine and loved it. So did my friend who appreciated a little jar of it. She told me she would fake a cough, heh, heh, just to go and get a spoonful. How often does that happen with cough syrup? The real test is always my husband and guinea pig. He makes the craziest faces when faced with medicine. All I got when I offered him this stuff was a smile. And that is saying something.

Saturday morning while I was mixing up a batch of fluffy whole wheat buttermilk pancakes for the kids, I was also stirring up the cough syrup for my allergy suffering husband. Then when I was done, I wasn't sure whether to give it to him or pour it on my pancakes. That, my friends is the sign of a good medicine. Temptation to pour it on pancakes! Can your cough syrup do that? I think not!

Here is the recipe, adapted a little since I rarely follow recipes.

Honey Lemon Soothing Throat Syrup
Juice from one lemon
2 T coconut oil
3 T raw honey (local preferred)
4-5 drops lemon essential oil

Heat first three ingredients on the stove until the coconut oil is just melted. Do not overheat or you will become a honey killer. Take a tablespoon at a time as needed or pour over your pancakes.

If it is cold weather, you may need to put it in a warm water bath to melt the coconut oil. Can be taken hot or cold. I have found that if it is warm it soothes my throat as the coconut oil coats it.  All the most important lessons in life really can be learned from a Disney movie. A spoonful of "bee sugar" really does help the medicine go down. I feel a little tickle in my throat...guess I better make more.

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A Springtime Surprise

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post to bring you breaking news!  Last night, Rancher Rocky went outside to make sure the chickens were all locked up and the two does started going crazy. He found them outside of the barn, protecting something. Then he heard some extra little voices crying. Kids voices!

We had all been outside with the goats just a few hours before and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That means that in less than five hours, April Foolishness gave birth to twins. Really? This is a first time mom we are talking about. Five months gestation, five hour labor with twins. Goats really have the better end of this kidding deal. Oh wait. Have you met the daddy? Most. Disgusting. Creature. EVER! I will take nine months and 12 hours of labor just to never have to be near a buck, thanks so much.  In the goat world, he must be quite a catch. These babies are a few weeks earlier than we would have liked because that little Vixen kept jumping the fence and visiting Boots the buck. Just goes to show there is someone for everyone...but I digress.

As for the other daddy, Rocky is giddy with excitement. He went out twice in the night to check on them. Funny how goats in barn outside (30 yards away) can get him out of bed, but a human baby howling at midnight, right next to the bed, won't stir him at all. There I go, digressing again.


Got Oil?

In the Book of Matthew, Chpt 25, we read the parable of the 10 virgins. The five wise virgins had oil in their vessels at all times, prepared for the day that the bridegroom would appear. The five foolish had their lamps, but had no oil with them. Perhaps they thought there would always be time to purchase it. Maybe they felt, as many do today,  that someone else would take care of them. Or that there would always be enough oil to go around or always be more time to get it.
While they slept, the bridegroom came. The wise virgins were able to fill their lamps from the oil in their vessels and go to meet him. The foolish begged for the wise to share but were refused and told to go get their own oil "lest there not be enough for us and you." (vs. 9 KJV)
While they were gone to purchase more oil for their lamps, the bridegroom gathered those who were "ready" and shut the door to the wedding. The foolish missed the opportunity to enter while they were taking care of that which should have been done earlier. There are myriads of lessons in these 13 verses of scripture. Here is the interpretation that has been in my heart in the past months.

One morning I awoke with a desperate need for some tummy support.  I had tried a swallow a few days earlier of an all natural digestive support essential oil blend.  I remembered with satisfaction how it had coated my tummy and made it feel warm and tingly. I was certain that it could help me now. Then, I sorrowed, because I didn't own any. I had very few oils in fact. I felt woefully unprepared. That morning, this parable in Matthew 25 was brought to my mind. I vowed then and there that I would not again be found unprepared. I would fill my vessels with oil (one drop at a time) so that my lamp would never run dry. It may seem a silly analogy to some, but I felt as if my Heavenly Father was giving me a gift. He knows just how I learn. He is wonderful like that!

Luckily for me, my friend was willing to share a few drops of her precious oil with me.
I have been trying ever since to share what I have with others. For the reality is that one day, it will be too late. But for those who are prepared... whether with oil, or knowledge, with faith, we will not be like unto the foolish virgins who waited until it was too late. There is power in our ability to take care of ourselves. There is peace. There is comfort. There is wisdom. And for tummy troubles, there are oils... and I am ever so thankful for that.


All About Grapefruit Essential Oil

It' s GRRRR...APE!

Grapefruit is seriously a gal's best friend! It is the one I give away as a sample more than any other. It tastes great in water and if you want to stop sugar cravings, this is the oil!  Add that to the fact that it has strong fat dissolving properties and you have a great tool for weight loss.  It is said to firm the skin.  Many testify that it reduces the look of cellulite if you rub it on the body. Others ascertain that it will help you lose fat in areas if you rub in before exercise. I do not know if these are true. There really is no magic pill to weight loss. But I can for sure attest to the fact that adding a few drops to my water keeps me from reaching for a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack and helps me drink more water.

Interestingly enough,  I have lost 6 lbs since it arrived in the mail. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe it is just that GRRRRape!

Here's how others are unleashing the power of grapefruit
  • Mix with peppermint and rub on feet to cool and soothe.
  • In a whipped body butter to tighten skin (Can just add a few drops to coconut oil to make it simpler.)
  • In water as an appetite suppressant.
  • Apply directly on the face to help stop a runny nose.
  • Dab on wrists for a quick pick me up.
  • In a diffuser, helps to cheer and uplift. 
  • I add a drop to my shampoo to make my hair extra shiny.
  • Dab a bit under each eye to firm bags (who has those?)
  • As with lemon and orange, can be mixed with water as a disinfectant spray.
  • Grapefruit promotes healthy cortisol levels.

* A little warning: Most citrus oils can cause sensitivity to sunlight when rubbed on skin. Use caution for 12 hours after application.
**One more warning. Not all essential oils are created equally. There are few brands that I would recommend using internally. Email me for suggestions.
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Essential oils on the Go

Do you remember ever playing this game: if you were trapped on a deserted island and could only have one thing with you, what would you choose? I used to think it would be Chapstick. Or sunscreen or a plate of chocolate chip cookies. When my beloved postman dropped the mail off the other day, I knew then exactly what I would want on that island and it  looks like this:

For one thing, I get to cheat a little because it is actually 8 things. All the cosmic wonders of the universe here, in an itty bitty living space. The hardest part about owning this cute little essential oil key chain is picking which of the eight oils you can anticipate needing at any given time. I chose Slim and Sassy to make my workouts more effective. Then added lavender, frankincense and peppermint for all first aid needs. Grapefruit and lime because I never want to be anywhere with out grapefruit and lime. A soothing blend for pain in general and a digestive blend for unexpected tummy trouble. Then I ran out of room. I cried  a little, because I would love to put lemon and melaleuca, and eucalyptus in there too.  I also think there should be a space to add a shot of chocolate sauce and another for peanut butter. That could prove very useful on a deserted island. Or in traffic.

As long as I remember to actually take this with me, then I am ready for anything. The general public has to watch out for me because I am armed and dangerous. Everywhere I go, I have an oil for that!

Which oils would you choose given the same dilemma?

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All About Melaleuca Essential Oil

The Leaves of the Melaleuca tree have been used by Aborigines for centuries. They would crush the leaves and inhale the oil to promote healthy respiratory response as well as rub it on the skin for wound care. (source)  Today, we are also blessed to have the gift of this oil available to us, used from the comfort of our own homes, rather than in a cave in the hot desert. 

Melaleuca (Also called Tea Tree) can be used in three ways:

Diffuse 2-3 drops for a few hours each day to purify the air.
Open the bottle and inhale to affect mood
Drop in the palms of the hand, rub together and cup over nose for healthy respiratory response

Can be used without dilution
Rub on fingernails and toenails for healthy, happy digits.
Use as a facial cleanser to improve appearance of skin.
Apply to skin or lips for occasional irritations

Add to a capsule or to water to support a healthy immune function.
Gargle and swallow to soothe occasional throat discomfort.
Not all essential oil brands can be used safely internally. Email me for suggestions. 

Here are 10 ways my friends use Melaleuca:

1. A great toilet cleaner. Click here to see the recipe.
2. I rub on the bottoms of feet for respiratory support.
3. Add it to water in sink to soak veggies and kill fungus.
4. I take it internally for digestive support--in a capsule is preferred unless you like the taste of Pine-sol.
5. I rub a drop around nose to clear sinuses.
6. I use it on my pierced ears to keep ear rings from bothering me.
7. It is my deodorant!
8. I use it for healthy, happy ears.
9. This stuff takes permanent marker off surfaces.
10. I dab a little on blemishes and pimples to reduce size and duration.

Bonus: Add a drop to 1/4 cup of baking soda, sprinkle the soda in shoes and let sit to leave them fresh.
*Note, none of those surveyed, nor the author are medical doctors. These ideas are ones that have worked for us with no ill effects. If any of this advice makes you uncomfortable, consult your physician.

Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.