A Springtime Surprise

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post to bring you breaking news!  Last night, Rancher Rocky went outside to make sure the chickens were all locked up and the two does started going crazy. He found them outside of the barn, protecting something. Then he heard some extra little voices crying. Kids voices!

We had all been outside with the goats just a few hours before and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That means that in less than five hours, April Foolishness gave birth to twins. Really? This is a first time mom we are talking about. Five months gestation, five hour labor with twins. Goats really have the better end of this kidding deal. Oh wait. Have you met the daddy? Most. Disgusting. Creature. EVER! I will take nine months and 12 hours of labor just to never have to be near a buck, thanks so much.  In the goat world, he must be quite a catch. These babies are a few weeks earlier than we would have liked because that little Vixen kept jumping the fence and visiting Boots the buck. Just goes to show there is someone for everyone...but I digress.

As for the other daddy, Rocky is giddy with excitement. He went out twice in the night to check on them. Funny how goats in barn outside (30 yards away) can get him out of bed, but a human baby howling at midnight, right next to the bed, won't stir him at all. There I go, digressing again.


  1. Oh how cute!! Are they male or female? Glad it went so smoothly.

    1. One Boy, one Girl. Feeding isn't so smooth. Mom wont let them nurse. She still doesn't like us much either, so catching her is a challenge. Guess what my extra time will be spent on!

  2. Fun! Fun at the Thompson farm

  3. That's what your text meant last night. I thought you sent a text to me meant for someone else. They are very cute. I love baby anythings.