My Barn is Full!

This morning I went down to the barn to check on the goats and found another springtime surprise. Another baby doe and buck.  I was not too surprised, however since I just knew last night would be the night. As I said goodnight to our pretty black doe, she just had that look in her eye that said, "help me!" I know that look. I have had it four times myself. I wished her luck and headed to bed.  Well,  in actuality, I am not that in tune with the goats; I am no goat whisperer. The reason I was not surprised is that Farmer Thompson is out of town, so it seemed like the best time possible for our goat to kid. I had to dispose of afterbirth myself.. which the chickens are currently fighting over in the yard. I grabbed a pitch fork and some leather gloves and mucked out the stalls. I have seen my mom do it a thousand times, so it wasn't hard. I had to jump in with both feet and put my inner princess aside and just go for it. I smell like a goat barn now. I think I will revel in that for a bit. Just to remind myself that I can do hard, dirty, smelly, things.
Now our barn runneth over with the pitter -patter of little goat feet and the cutest little noises. It is amazing how each baby knows who its mother is.  I do love spring on the farm. Next week, I milk a goat! I will make goat cheese, and goat milk yogurt and sour cream. Boy, I hope we like goat milk.


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  1. Good job farmer Jane. It just sounds better than farmer Janine. Let me know how you like goat milk and goat milk products.