Sweet Success: Goat Milk

Got Milk? We do!
In the scriptures, there is a group of people who wandered in the wilderness for a long period of time. They lived on raw meat that the lord made sweet to them. I figure if the good Lord can make raw meat taste sweet to that ancient family, he can do it for our raw goat milk today. I have offered many prayers to this end. "Please, please, please, make this milk sweet to my kids." We tried out the milking again today. It was a family event that we hope will become less eventful as the goats get more used to it.

We have learned in our research that in order to have truly sweet goat milk, there are a few rules to follow.
  1. Never milk in the barn, unless you want the milk to taste like a goat barn. I don't. So we do it in the open air.
2. Don't keep the does near a buck. No problem there. Poor lonely buck is sequestered until his services are needed again. Way in the corner where I don't have to look at the ugly beast.

3.  Get the milk on ice ASAP.

    Once it was ice cold, it was time for the taste test:
    • Child number one: "Tastes kinda watery."
    • Child number two: "Tastes pretty good," which is about as much of a compliment as I can get from that one.
    • Child number three: I like this goat's milk. But I don't want to drink milk from any old goat. I don't know what other goat's milk tastes like."
    • Child number four: First he said, "I am not drinking that goat milk!" Then he conceded and said, as thoughtfully as a three year old can, "Hey, that tastes like my milk!" He now asks specifically for the goat milk.
    • Husband number uh... husband: "It tastes great!"
    As for me, I am no lover of milk. I only eat it on cereal and since I don't eat cereal anymore, that is tough. My reaction more closely resembled that of this adorable visitor who watched the whole process and wanted no part in trying the milk. I don't blame her, afterall, I didn't actually think of adding her to prayer.

    I did take a tentative taste and it tasted like....milk!

    It may be too soon to tell for sure if my weeks and weeks of prayer have been answered, but chances are that if we were forced to wander in the wilderness (which if you have seen the roads in our town, you might think we already do that) as long as we have our goat, we would be OK! Four out of four boys agree. Bottoms up!

    The most important lesson from our goat milking experience: God does answer prayers. Even ones that may seem silly. I absolutely know that if it matters to me, it matters to Him, and I am ever so thankful for that.

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    1. We always find that after we drink Cow's milk during the winter and then switch to goats milk for the other months that our taste buds have to do a little adjusting but after they do then sometimes that cows milk will taste funny if we have to go back. Sometimes the goats will eat something funny and then we won't like the milk (and chocolate comes to the rescue) but most the time we really like it.

      1. My husband likes the goat milk better than cow's. He may have a hard time transitioning back. So far, even with the goats out grazing the yard, we don't taste anything funny. But thanks for the tip on the chocolate!

    2. I can't wait to have goat milk...praying my kids will like it too! I don't want to go to all that work to have everyone say YUCK.

      1. That was our biggest fear too. Hay is expensive and I didn't want this experiment to fail! Sweet surprise. I hope it will work for you too.

    3. I won't believe it till I taste it myself!

      1. Well get on out here to Oklahoma and have yerself a try! I will be praying for ya! :)

    4. Lol - Love the photo of the little one with her hand covering her mouth! I have never tried goat milk, but have heard it's healthy. Thanks for sharing your family's experience with us at UNITE! ~ Jen

    5. My grandma used to have goats and my siblings and I drank goat milk. We liked it. :)
      Thanks for linking-up at A Humble Bumble :)

    6. Great post! Love the little girl pic too! Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday. :)

    7. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday!!

    8. We used to have goats and followed those "rules" ad had tasty milk. Last week I bought some goat milk. ummm.. just sayin' I wish I could send them your post. I had to feed the milk to my chickens... baaaad stuff.

      Thanks for sharing this with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday!! Hope to see you again today!