Juicing: Drink Fresh!

Raise your hand if you watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!" I did, I did.
Raise you hand if you then went to Bed, Bath and Beyond the very next day to buy a Breville Juicer!
Oh, Me! Me!
Of course you did because when I got there, they were completely out of stock.
So, who ended up at Walmart and purchased Jack LaLanne in attractive red?
Me! Pick me! Yes I did.

Then like many of you I bought a truck load of veggies. I Watched YouTube videos on how to make the healthiest green juice and chugged the stuff for weeks. I tried to convince myself that I liked it. You should never lie to yourself. But the green stuff was not the real reason I gave up juicing. Oh no. There are things far worse than squished kale (but not many).  Do you recall that Joe Cross took his juicer on the road? Now that you own a juicer do you find that absolutely absurd? I know I do. The reason I gave up juicing every day was because the things are a nightmare to clean. Ain't no mama got time for that! And in my house, the family is really good at juicing, but no one can seem to figure out how to clean the blasted contraption, so it gets left in the sink for me.


Aside from the cleaning issues, I really do love freshly juiced fruit. Doesn't matter what kind. I love them all. Orange and pineapple is my favorite, especially when we make Orange Julius. We even threw persimmons in there once (what else were we supposed to do with them) and they tasted delightful. But of all the juice there is in the world, my kids love apple the most. Sorry kids I just can't bring myself to buy it.

First of all, apples are on the dirty dozen list as being one of the most heavily sprayed crops. Once juiced, these become super concentrated.  So unless you buy organic, chances are you are buying a bottle filled with pesticides.

Secondly, the juices on the grocery store shelves are pasteurized, leaving the wonderful enzymes found naturally in fruit destroyed.

Thirdly, fruit contains a whole lot of sugar. And if it is in the fridge, we are much more likely to overdo it. And since the juicer is a pain to clean,  we only have juice rarely as a treat, thus cutting the sugar intake of our family dramatically. (Well, some of us drink less sugar, okay all but one. You know who you are!)

It is a bit darker and thicker. The kids may find it more palatable if you let it sit for a bit and then strain the foam off the top. I like the foam myself. I add a little doTERRA lemon essential oil to it as well which helps keep the color and gives it a wonderful taste.

We are planning a little road trip next month. I will be sure to leave the juicer at home. Probably in the sink. Waiting to be cleaned by mama, who it loves best.

Do you eat outside the box? Drink outside the can? Then you may enjoy these recipies.

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  1. LOL! I saw that movie and bought the juicer and promptly sent it back when I tasted the juice and then had to clean it! I believe fuit and veggies are meant to be eaten in their whole fresh state anyway, then the sugars enter our blood stream a bit slower. I never bought a lot of juice for my kids when they were little but I would cut up lemons and limes and they would love to squeeze them into cold glasses of water. I've always bought organic and cringe when I see moms buying regular strawberries, grapes and apples for their little ones :(

    1. We are not perfect at even the dirty dozen, but working on it. Glad to know that I am not the only one who found the cleaning tedious!

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  3. We just loved your post and your blog and we're so glad to have you join us at our One Sharendipity Place Link-up Party this past weekend!! It has been so much fun finding your site and others like yours out there!! We hope you'll join us again this weekend!!
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  4. Well, Thanks Sue! And thanks for the invite to your party! So many wonderful blogs....so little time! :)

  5. Going to check out the recipes you linked to. :)

  6. MMMM, fresh apple juice is so much better than the bottled stuff. Have a great day.


  7. I have a champion juicer and mostly juice carrots and greens. It is an important part of keeping my fibromyalgia pain under control. I don't know exactly why it works, but it does and when I'm not juicing or seasons of life are busier and weeks go by without juicing I can tell. Slowly the pain increases until I find myself in a full blown cycle of pain and insomnia. :( I don't enjoy cleaning my juicer either. :)

  8. Wow Theresa! I am always amazed when something so simple as fresh fruits and veggies can aid in something as serious and painful as fibromyalgia. I am impressed that you are in tune enough with your body to recognize the difference it makes. I sincerely hope you continue to find food tombe a healing blessing in your life.

  9. I was able to get the floor model Breville at BBB :) WOOT! :) And I scored a discount! I can't wait to get fresh apples from the local farm in the fall! Ah, I can taste it now!! :) Got it pinned and tweeted, thanks for linking up at GFF!

    1. It was you who took the last one Cindy! Thanks a lot. :)

  10. Oh, I hear you! I had a Champion once upon a time and I used it... once... or maybe twice. We have a Vitamix now and I put whole fruits and veggies in with water and just blend the mess out of it. I like that we get the fiber and the juice. And I like that it's super easy to clean. :)

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    Anjanette ~ http://www.raisingthebarrs.com

  11. I did not see that movie, but you cracked me up describing your reaction. Sounds like something I would do. I cannot bring myself to do a green smoothie for anything in the world! I do not have a juicer yet, but it was on my "want list". I use the blender for a lot of things. I'm taking note that the Vitamix is super easy to clean. Thanks for sharing!

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  12. I haven't seen that movie, can you give me a website for that?
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  13. I haven't seen that movie, can you give me a website for that?
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