Sticker Shock!

I confess that there was a time that seeing the price tag that comes with a bottle of quality essential oils caused my heart rate to go up a bit. That was before I realized how very versatile, potent and empowering they are.

Please visit the wonderful blog A Life in Balance to check out what I have to say about the real cost of essential oils.  Please come back here and tell me what you think!

I am pleased to have been invited by Barb Hoyer, author of A Life in Balance to be a guest on her blog today. Each week, I link up my frugally real recipes and frugally natural health and cleaning posts to her blog party, Fabulously Frugal Thursdays and my Lamp is Full posts to her party, Motivation Mondays. I am thankful to Barb for offering me the opportunity to gain exposure on her site. Thanks Barb!


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  1. Okay, you have made me think twice about essential oils. I have always cringed at the price tag. I am definitely budgeting in the oregano oil next month. I have COPD and cannot afford to get another cold.
    I love your blog and the graphic at the beginning. I like the way you think. I will be learning more about the oils now.
    Thank you.

    1. I do hope you will come back and learn more. Oils are definitely an investment you will not regret...as long as you use them. They don't do any good sitting on a shelf!

  2. We love, love, love our oils! Starting a collection of them last fall was one of the best things we've done for our family in a long time! :)

  3. This is so true! I also love doTERRA oils and did get sticker shock at some of the prices, but since I understand their value and am glad to pay the price. Great post! I shared with my followers on facebook!

  4. Will be checking this out!! Thanks for putting us on to this!! This sounds very interesting! Thanks so much for linking up with us at One Sharendipity Place again this week!!

    Sue @ Thet2women.com

  5. I am just getting started with doTERRA. It is a bit shocking at first. Well worth the price. Visiting from The Gathering Spot :)

  6. Yes, but like you mentioned the multi uses brings costs down.Hope to see you again soon. Thanks for linking up & sharing. Theresa @ DearCreatives.com

  7. So glad to read that so many people are benefitting from this amazing product!

  8. I love Barb's blog, too. I don't have access to doTERRA, but we do have essential oils here at the pharmacy that I buy regularly. I love them!

  9. I love her blog!!!

    I finally made it back from my trip so my comments are late...
    Thanks for sharing at Tuesdays with a Twist! Looking forward to seeing what you share this week!


  10. I love LOVE essential oils and use them frequently! They are worth every nickel!! Thank you for sharing at last week's Tuesdays with a Twist Party! 'Hope you are already linked up this week! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures