How to Make it the Healthiest School Year Ever (Part 1 of 2)

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School is back in full swing and whether your kids are learning from you at home or going to school, they can benefit from a healthy atmosphere. Proper nutrition is absolutely key for a healthy mind and body. It is an unfortunate tragedy what passes for food in school cafeterias. But at home, we can fill them with wonderfully nourishing real foods to feed brain and body. Don't skimp on the fat. If you need to restrict calories your kids consume, then do it in the form of empty calories like processed junk food, not by eliminating fat. Our brains are fat! The need more of it! Plus it is more filling and leaves kids energized and full, rather than lazy, sullen and hungry. FEED THAT BRAIN!

Nutrient Dense Foods.  (Eat as much as you want until you are full.)

Fruits and Veggies
Cod liver oil or other source of omegas
Nuts and seeds
Grass fed beef
Hormone Free poultry
Free range eggs
Non-GMO whole grains
Raw milk, butter, cream, yogurt, or kefir
Coconut Oil

Nutrient poor and so called "healthy snacks" (Should be eaten sparingly or never.)

Commercially available packaged goods such as:
Crackers (goldfish and cheese-its are not healthy snacks!)
Low fat cookies
Granola bars
"Fruit" Snacks
Jell-o and pudding packs
Anything "low fat" or sugar free that isn't already naturally so.
Juice/Gatorade/diet soda
Pasteurized milk
Foods prepared with hydrogenated oils, artificial colors and flavors, soybean oil, white sugar and flour.

Here is a healthy breakfast idea to feed the brain and body:

Green smoothie:

1 apple
1 orange
1 banana
1 cup spinach or kale (may want to add more as you adjust to it)
8 oz coconut water, coconut milk, raw milk, almond milk, cream or plain water.
Dash of vanilla
2-3 drops ginger, orange, lemon, or cinnamon essential oils.
Optional: add a free range raw egg for added protein and nutrients
Optional: add flavorless cod liver oil
Put in a great blender and pulse until smooth. For a thicker shake, add ice.

Kids also need a multivitamin. But stop and think before you offer Flintstones or nasty gummies. They are completely synthetic and gmo!!  All natural from a lab. The best vitamins are ones we get in a natural state, directly from the plant. But let's face it, it is really hard to eat great 100 percent of the time, although that should be the goal. Be sure to look for a good vitamin for you and the kids. Contact me for a recommendation!

Get started one day at a time, feeding kids foods they need to concentrate, be healthy, and confident. Choose foods most often from the nutrient dense list and be selective with others to start. Teach them "the why" and they are much more likely to try new foods and abandon the rest.

What are some tricks and tips you can share on how to help kids make healthy choices?

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  1. Gatorade saved my life once. Ok, not really. But it almost seemed like it. I think it was another one of those quick fix deals for me though. I had the stomach flu and after 24 hours just wanted to be back up on feet instead of giving time to let water and rest do their magic. Homemade broth would have probably been just the cure. Too bad I didn't have any on hand.

  2. Sorry that didn't really have anything to do with your question. Just a random comment.

  3. Well, Pete, I am glad that there is some reason to celebrate Gatorade. It seems it fulfilled it's purpose. Probably for others too. I will forever be grateful that your life was spared and we know it's invention was not a total loss.

  4. My kids' school provides a "healthy" snack for them every afternoon. My son is in 4th grade and really understands why we eat the way we do... and is perfectly happy to share his knowledge and eat the snack I send in with him.
    My kindergartner Pixie just wants to eat what the other kids are eating! I have tried explaining to her teacher that *nothing* with corn syrup and canola oil as the second and third ingredients is healthy... and anything in the shape of a jungle animal should be viewed with deep suspicion... But she simply assured me that the district says it is healthy. Grrrr....
    She was supportive though when I insisted that the Pixie eat the snack *I* provided... unless it was a special birthday treat or something.
    To help the Pixie out, I try to send in snacks that are *cooler* than jungle-animals... Things like healthy fruit snacks in the shape of pumpkins (a work in progress that one!), or sprouted flour cookies.

  5. That is extra work for you, but what is best for your Pixie for sure! My older kids definitely understand the importance of real food more than the younger ones. In fact, my 6th grader throws a fit if I ever suggest eating out. I may have created a monster...in a good way.

  6. Per my chiropractor's recommendation, I did start taking cod liver oil. I take the tablets that are flavored... no fishy aftertaste. ;) One thing off your second list that I consume a lot of is pasteurized milk. Other than that, I avoid most of it almost always. :)

    1. I have found cod liver oil that is not too fishy to take too. The kids like the new IQ mega from doTERRA. They didn't like the lemon kind from vitacost. I take it in the pill form too! Cheaters!

  7. Cod liver oil may be fishy tasting, but unless it is fermented it may also be highly processed and lacking in some critical vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. I use Green Pasture fermented cod liver oil combined with high vitamin butter oil because it's been proven to repair cavities! I figure if it's healing cavities, it's healing something else too! :)

    I'm really glad you shared your experiences with Wildcrafting Wednesday readers! :) These are some great suggestions! :)

    ~ Kathy @ Mind Body and Sole

  8. We always have to eat a fruit at breakfast. No excuses. It's a good way to start the day. Thanks for sharing these tips on Tuesday Greens!