Food is Nature's Best Medicine

Have you heard that this nation has a "health care crisis?" Well, that is nothing compared to this nation's sick care crisis. I know a lot of people don't want to hear this, but the crap we eat is making us sick.  I know a lot of really sick people. They are suffering and have turned to the only place they know. Modern medicine.

One of my sweet friends has been on a treatment for arthritis for several months now. As a result of that treatment, her arthritis is not much better, but she now has a new problem. She gets to have surgery to repair her esophagus and it has damaged her vocal chords. Plus also, a mass has developed in her breast and a biopsy is required. She traded one problem for a host of others. So, now she will no doubt be put on more medicine and who knows what havoc that will wreak?

I have another friend who just learned that her private insurance premiums have gone up 30% on the new affordable health care plan. Her husband relies on that insurance to help offset the cost of medicine that costs him $3500 per month!
My first question is, why are so many people sick with such debilitating diseases? Especially our children? My second is what are we prepared to do about it?

Francis M. Pottenger published a study on cats that I thought was fascinating. In short, he fed one group of cats raw organ meats, raw milk, and cod liver oil. The other group was fed cooked meats, milk and cod liver oil. The cats in the raw meat group were healthier than those in the cooked group. But what is most interesting is that the second generation of cats in the cooked meat group began to develop degenerative diseases in mid life. The third generation developed these same types of diseases as young kittens. And many of them could not reproduce, so there was no fourth generation.

So, are you a second generation cat? Maybe even a third? Something to think about. The best part of this study is that third generation cats were changed to the raw meat diet and in one generation, they were healed of disease and were able to reproduce healthy kittens! One generation!

Am I saying to go out and eat raw meat? Well, I am not planning to any time soon. But the point is, our diet is hurting or helping depending on what you are eating. So, time to have a talk with the diet. What are we eating, what are we feeding our kids?  Neon Mac and Cheese from a box or dinner every night from the take out window? We can take control of our own health. No medicine is going to make us better. It will cover up symptoms like a band aid. But it will not fix the problem. Only the food put here to save us will do that. When was the last time your doctor asked,

"What are you eating?"
                         "Are you cooking on Teflon?"
                                                            "Do you heat food in plastic?"

Prescriptions ought to be to drink more water, eat organic veggies, cut out sugar and food dyes, especially soda! It should most definitely include explicit instructions to nourish our bodies with vitamins and minerals and avoid processed foods. There are many amazing sources and there are sources that are found lacking. Do your research and find out!

So why don't people like to hear this? Because it is hard work. It is a long journey. It does not leave you with instant results. You have to do it yourself!  You can't blame anyone else but you...ouch! You have to want good health more than you want anything else. You may have to give up foods and beverages that you love and have brought you comfort. It takes time (lots of time) to raise and preserve and source and cook real food. And lastly, foods that are good for us cost money. Lots of money. Many people say they just can't afford it. I ask them why and the number one answer is....Because I am paying medical bills. We have it backwards in this country. We shriek over the cost of  organic produce and grass fed beef, but don't think twice about paying high prices for sick care saying, "that is just the way it is." We pay the pharmaceutical company more than the farmer.

If you are ready to start taking nutrition seriously, here are some places start googling:
Gaps diet
Candida Cleanse
Leaky gut syndrome
Healing Auto-immune disease with food
The Real Farmacy

I am not a doctor, or even a certified nutritionist. Just a gal who is determined to be medically self-sufficient. I absolutely totally believe that today's nutrient poor food is the cause of all that ails us. That being said, it stands to reason that food (real food) is also the only thing to heal us. I know a lot of sick people. As I have been involved now with like minded individuals, I also know there is hope. I also have a friend who made it her mission to help her husband heal from near death. He was so nutrient deficient he couldn't get out of bed. It was not an easy journey for them. It took a very long time. I met him last month. Healthy and vibrant and full of life. No drugs did that for him. Just food. Real food. And a determined wife...we all need one of those (or husband as the case may be). Tune in tomorrow to read their story. It is inspiring and amazing. Here is a sneak peak!

*Disclaimer: None of these remedies have been endorsed by the FDA. The suggestions are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure. Always use your own best judgment and the advice of a trusted medical advisor.

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  1. What a great article and you are correct, so much of our health is dependent upon healthy eating and it is viewed as a hard change for many people. But I am so glad you are putting out the message!! Stopping by from the Tuesdays with a Twist.

    1. Thanks Terri. Fun to come across like minded people.

  2. Hi Janine! Stopping by from Traditional Tuesdays. Thanks for sharing this post. I love this Pottenger study. It is fascinating, and I find a lot of hope in it and the whole field of epigenetics. We are lead to believe that we can't change our genetics, but this study shows that we can...and with something as simple as food! Thanks again!

  3. Yes, it is awesome. Have you ever watched this video, My Chemistry Made me do it.. http://discoverbrilliantsolutions.com/product-training/ It is a great presentation on epigenetics. You might enjoy.

    1. I haven't ever seen that. I'll check it out. Thanks!

  4. Very interesting research with the cats! And good motivational post. Eating healthy is so vital to our health! Gotta pin this.
    P.S. Your link for the Lifelong Vitality Pack didn't work. :/

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  6. Hi! My sister's name is Janine, too. :-) Thanks so much for linking up with Nomday Monday and for having the guts to put this truth out there! It's greatly appreciated! Have a great day, Janine, and a merry Christmas!

    1. Wow, does she spell it the same? I love this truth. It puts the power back in our hands.