Streak Free Windows and Mirrors

Anyone who has followed my blog for awhile now, knows that I am really interested in toxic free cleaning. One of the reasons I am drawn to essential oils is because I can clean with them and be assured that we are not adding any extra toxins to our home.  We get  xenoestrogen  bombardment  from cleaning products and skin care products everywhere we go. I am working at making my home a safe haven from these terrible hormone disruptors.

One of my earliest posts was a great recipe for glass cleaner. It involves vinegar and water and a citrus oil. I used it a few times. The first couple, I really liked it. Then I didn't so much. I wanted it to be better than Windex which I think is worthless, but it just was not. That has been the case with many natural cleaners for me. I have really wanted them to work. But they just don't as well as those cancer causing, eye burning, skin irritating chemicals that just beat grime into oblivion.

I wish  you could have seen my excitement when I attended a vendor fair not too long ago and there was this cute young mom there with these cleaning rags. She claimed you could clean your whole house with just water. Just water! Hey, last time I checked, water is a great non-toxic product. I drink it everyday!  She called them Norwex cloths. It stands for "Norwegian Experience" and after watching them rub butter off a window with only a cloth and water, I decided I needed to bring a bit of Norway home with me! I purchased a basic pack.

How is it that I had never heard of this? How many of you knew about it and snickered at me as I rolled out another post on cleaning this or that? Why didn't anyone tell me about this? Is it too good to be true? A two year warranty was enough to convince me to at least try it out.

Well, my initial findings are that it is everything it was cracked up to be.

Exhibit A:

Mirror before (I was out of town and someone had fun with sticky hands all over my bathroom mirror.)

Mirror After: Nothing but streak free clean.

My amazing recipe:


Norwex Window Cloth

Instructions: Spray window or mirror with water. Wipe down with polishing cloth. Watch it dry to a streak free shine.

That is it! You can use a wet Enviro Cloth first to get rid sticky toothpaste and other unmentionables, then simply dry with the polishing cloth. And it is amazing on the stainless steel in my kitchen.

I recently attended a service auction and won a free house cleaning. She told me expressly, however that she will not do windows. And my first thought was, lucky for me, because I know the secret now and washing windows is fun! Even the kids love it.

I am not a Norwex distributor. I paid for this product. I loved it and wanted to share my experience. I will review other products in the coming days. If you are interested in tying it yourself, you can learn more here:


Any purchases from this link may result in future compensation to me and this blog.

Do you use Norwex? What has your experience been?

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  1. I will have to do some more research! Thanks for sharing!

    1. There are tons of youtube videos out there that show testing. My friend is a microbiologist. He is going to do a test for me as well to make sure the silver really does keep the product for cross contaminating. Can't wait to hear his findings!

  2. I've never heard of Norwex before. Thanks for sharing at the hop!