Hormone Killers

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I was in the security line at the airport in October and debating the whole scanner thing. I had just spend a week learning about the effect xenoestrogens have on our hormones and was concerned about the levels of radiation emitted from the machines. Also, I have been afraid of them since my mom suggested that someone might put the image of my naked body on YouTube for others to enjoy.

I happened to be in a line with 4 other like minded strangers who were refusing to go through that thing, which gave me courage to do the same. So, we waited patiently until a female officer was available to give a pat down. The three ladies in front of me went with the first TSA officer and I watched and thought, that doesn't look so bad. Then Brunhilda the Nordic Viking stepped up and glared at me as if I had just ruined her only coffee break in 12 years. She commanded me to come in. I didn't want to. I cowered a little bit. I wanted that nice lady who didn't take her job quite so seriously, not the Nazi woman who was planning to break me by putting her hands in places I didn't know existed. I wondered while she scrutinized every millimeter of my waistline if I had inadvertently smuggled in more than 3 oz of harmless H2O in the form of the sweat from fear. It took about an hour for her to be satisfied that I was not a terrorist or a drug lord, or the uni-bomber. I wasn't sure who I was anymore after that violation.

But I knew without a doubt that my naked body image would not be put on any one's YouTube account since I didn't step foot in the body scanner. It may have all been for naught as I read after my return that the body scanners used now have replaced the radiation zappers completely this year. New millimeter wave scanners have replaced them, but I will still use caution until I know what that means. The last machine was supposed to be completely harmless, until they realized that is wasn't!

I do what I can to not expose myself directly to a myriad of xenoestrogens that laugh as they enter the body, yelling, let's wreak havoc with this lady's hormonal balance!! Oh, and maybe cause cancer while we are at it.

Our environment is full of xenoestrogens. Nasty little buggers that mimic true estrogens and enter men and women, boys and girls at alarming rates. Our bodies don't seem to know the difference and accept these invaders as the real deal. They live in plastics, hormone filled meat and dairy, pesticides, cleaners, makeup and other cosmetics. They look identical to natural estrogen in the body. This is significant when we realize that when estrogen is up, progesterone and testosterone are down. The hormonal imbalance! Also known as estrogen dominance.

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Complete avoidance is impossible, but there are things we can do to help. We can start by cutting out foods that contain xenoestrogens.

For example:
Pesticide laden fruits and veggies.
Food stored in, and especially heated in, plastic.
Meat and dairy treated with hormones.
Coffee and caffeinated drinks...including cocoa (say it's not so!)
Red food dye (sorry M&Ms!)

Cut out beauty products, cleaning products, and detergents that contain xenoestrogens. A great resource is EWG Skin Deep. Most people get the need to have less carcinogenic products, but xenoestrogens that mess with our hormones are every bit as significant. It is so easy to make your own.

In particular, avoid:
Fabric softeners
Cosmetics with parabens
Nail polish and polish remover
Hand Santizers (make your own).

Other things to avoid:
Xrays....and possibly those scanners in airports
Teflon...I hate this one, I sooo miss my griddle.
Tin cans and Styrofoam
Marijuana and Tobacco

Start with baby steps and see which things on the list you can replace. Stay tuned for the rest of the story....

Note: I did not have to seek counseling due to my experience in the airport. No person was harmed, scarred or maimed as a result of the pat down. But if it had come down to a brawl, I gotta be honest here, I think Brunhilda the Hun would have broken my pitiful body over her massive knee. But I will do it again. Next month....Oh heaven help me.

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  1. Thanks for the informative and entertaining post.

  2. Well, I don't use Marijuana and tobacco... ;) Or coffee and caffeinated drinks (except cocoa on occasion). I really like my nail polish. :( I am considering ordering some from here in the future: http://www.karmaorganicspa.com/
    I wish companies didn't make it so difficult to live healthy...

  3. I have become acutely aware of the fact that almost everything we buy and use daily contains harmful ingredients. Articles such as this one are important reminders for all of us to be vigilant in our efforts to avoid toxic exposures as much as possible. Even my plastic invisalign braces, which were very expensive, are of great concern to me know. Knowledge is power so thank you. My mantras are: Simplify. Go back to basics. Make your own. Read before you buy.

  4. Thank you for sharing such valuable information. - - visiting from Let's Get Real Blog Hop!

  5. Very interesting article! Thanks for sharing on The Four Seasons Blog Hop! Sandra from Scrumptilicious 4 You

  6. This is interesting and I didn't even know! Some of those items I do use, and I know it'll be hard to cut back. :( Thanks for sharing the information with us over at the Homeacre Hop! Please join us again soon! We'll be taking next week off for Christmas. Merry Christmas!
    Mary :)

    1. Merry Christmas to you! Baby steps Mary, baby steps.

  7. I recommend Doug Ginter's book, My Hormones. He writes about the things we do that affects our hormones. Diet is a big one. If you eat right then you feel better, sounds simple enough. I have used some of his tips to change by habits and I do feel better, it's not that hard. Just a habit to change. myhormones.com is the book site. I recommend it to anyone that is having a hard time with hormone imbalances.