How to Make Holiday Sugar Scrubs

I went to Wal-Mart on the day before Halloween and noticed as I walked in the door that all the Halloween items were on clearance. Yea, like I need more candy to hide from the kids. Of course Wal-Mart already had Christmas on sale that day. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can start thinking of our next favorite holiday. Gift giving is the most wonderful part of the season, especially home made gifts. I had a great time putting together these holiday sugar scrubs.

Make your own sugar scrubs
Photo Courtesy of davidandcarriephoto.com

Here are two of my favorite scents of the season: Peppermint and Orange! I am sharing my recipe for some great sugar scrubs that clean, exfoliate and soften the skin. I have cans and cans of white sugar in the house that we rarely use for eating, so this is a great way to use it up. Talk about wonderful gifts!! Both Orange and Peppermint have the ability to lighten mood, energize, and get your day started off right!!

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

candy cane sugar scrub
Photo Courtesy of davidandcarriephoto.com
6 Cups Sugar
1/2 Cup Coconut or Olive Oil
15-20 drops of  Peppermint Essential Oil
Optional: Red dye for soaps
Optional: Crushed Candy Canes

Mix the sugar, soap, and oils. Then take 1/3 of the mix and transfer to a separate bowl. Add a splash of red color. Or, if you are opposed to color, just add some finely crushed candy cane. Layer the white and reddish/pinkish to resemble a candy cane.
This recipe makes 2-3 pint jars, depending on how hard you pack it down.

Orange Sugar Scrub

Photo Courtesy of davidandcarriephoto.com
6 Cups Sugar
1/2 Cup Organic Citrus Orange Castile Soap
1/2 Cup citrus essential oil
1/2 Cup coconut or olive oil
30 drops Orange
1/3 Cup dried, finely chopped orange peel

Mix all the ingredients together and store in air tight jars. Use within 4 months.

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  1. I definitely need to try making these-- what a treat it would be even for myself!
    Thanks so much for sharing on A Humble Bumble's Healthy Tuesdays Blog Hop.
    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

  2. Hello! Stopping over from The Homesteaders Hop. Love your homemade scrub idea - pinning now! I'm just about to run out of scrub myself so I'll definitely have to try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great information. Love the idea of the peppermint sugar scrub. I have used plain sugar scrub before but this is quite unique. thanks for sharing. Visiting from Creative Garden Blog Hop.

  4. Awesome! I made a peppermint scrub for my gifts this year! it makes such a great gift! Thanks for linking up at our Gluten Free Fridays party! I have tweeted and pinned your entry to our Gluten Free Fridays board on Pinterest! :)

    Hope your week is great!

    Cindy from vegetarianmamma.com

    1. Thanks so much Cindy, I appreciate that very much.

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