A Lamp Full: Obedience

Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son love all of God's children no matter what they choose to do or what they become. The Savior paid the price of all sins, no matter how heinous.
Henry B. Eyring
Think of your own children, your spouse. They do things on occasion that anger us, disappoint us, scare us. But do we ever stop loving them? Never! Nor does your Father who is in Heaven.

Let me state again, emphatically. Nothing we do will lessen the love our Father in Heaven has for us. We are his children and it is amazing to thing that he loves us with a more perfect love than even the love we have for our children.
The Lord requires but one thing of His children. And he does not make His love conditional upon that requirement. But our happiness and peace are most definitely dependent upon it. The lord asks for our obedience. Obedience to His commandments. Obedience to His servants. Obedience to the teachings in the scriptures. It is our honor and privilege to obey. It is our right, because of agency, to disobey. He will not, can not force us. It is entirely our choice, and even our greatest challenge here in mortality. But make no mistake, if we choose not to obey, He still continues to love us. He loves the drug addict, the porn star, the abuser, the abused. The sick, the hopeless, the apathetic, the gossip.
He loves us all.
But just as we can not reward our children for their bad behavior, the Lord, according to the law of justice can not reward us. He wants to. He has enough for all of us. Enough love and enough blessings. He sits hoping, pleading for us to come unto Him. To be obedient and faithful and trusting. Oh the pain He must feel, just like I feel for my child or spouse or brother or sister when their choices bring them sorrow. For really, is there anything we do that does not have a consequence?
From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, to the causes we support. All of our actions have a consequence and I am hard pressed to find an action of mine that does not cause a reaction in someone else on this wonderful, wide earth. Yes,  Every action we ever perform has a consequence for good or bad. Most importantly, every choice we make to be disobedient affects us and our ability to have the greatest joy in this life and eternal life to come.

God did not send us here just to survive. He sent us here to thrive! But we can not thrive if we shun obedience to His commandments. I ache for those described here by Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

  I have watched men filled with potential and grace disengage from the challenging work of building the kingdom of God because they had failed a time or two. These were men of promise who could have been exceptional...servants of God. But because they stumbled and became discouraged, they... pursued other but less worthy endeavors.
And thus, they go on, living only a shadow of the life they could have led, never rising to the potential that is their birthright. 
How tragic, how heartbreaking! Some of us do not know what we do not know. The only way we will ever fail is if we stop before we succeed. So don't give up. God sent His Son as a gift, to you, and to me. So that when we forget who we are and what we can become, we can dust ourselves off and try again. When we stumble and fall, we can repent and re-commit to being obedient. 

An old proverb says, the best time to plant a tree
is 20 years ago.The second best time is now.
So, choose to be obedient now!

How can we start today?  
  • If you are not praying,  know the Lord loves you and start today.
  • If you are not nourishing your body so that you are healthy enough to serve, know the Lord loves you and start today.
  • If you are not attending church regularly, know the Lord loves you and start today.
  • If you have stopped reading your scriptures, know that God loves you, and start today!
  • If you have need of repentance, do not be scared to do it. Know that God loves you and start today.
  • Whatever you have done, or not done, know that God loves you and begin today to make yours a life where God can bless you to thrive, not just survive. 
We can not borrow obedience from another. We must have our own lamps full so that we can be richly abundant in this life and blessed to dwell with our Father above in the next. What motivates you to be obedient?

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  1. Powerful topic. I follow you, but mostly appreciate the spiritual side of the blog. I have found what you to say to be very true in my life. I have found great strength in understanding that I can alter my righteousness, but I can't alter my value.... Thanks....

    1. Thanks for following Robert. Not many with that "Y" chromosome do. :)

  2. Just read this in a devotional: "The secret to peace with God is to determine, accept, and value God's perfect timing. We have to keep turning back to him. To doubt God's timing is to move ahead without his advice. All things apart from God are empty and pointless." To doubt Him and move ahead without Him is disobedience. And we will never be blessed for our disobedience. I find it hard to wait at times, but I must remember that obedience to Him requires me to wait when He says wait.

    1. Thanks for that Becca! To doubt God's timing is to move ahead without His advice...That has been on my mind today. That statement is an answer to prayer.

  3. Very motivating. Just what I needed to hear today! Thanks for posting on The Four Seasons Blog Hop! Sandra from Scrumptilicious 4 You!