Love Your Guts: Part One

Not long ago, I was involved in a big trade show with a few of my favorite people. It was a large event with an even larger crowd expected. It was the first thing of it's kind I had ever been involved in and I was nervous. So nervous that my farm fresh egg and toast could not, would not go down. I tried to eat. I did. I told myself I should. So, why on earth do we get a nervous stomach when we have an emotional problem like fear and worry? They are all in your mind right? Absolutely right! Your gut is your second mind.

Listen to your gut!

My gut often tells me that something is right or wrong. And it is almost always right! My head isn't even right as often as my gut is. Have you ever stopped to think why we let our gut think for us? We are told to trust our gut instinct. Because it is a major player in our thinking. Especially as it relates to keeping the other systems in our body healthy.

Our gut not only "thinks" for us, it also runs our important body systems. The major player being our immune system. Cool, huh? In fact, the GI tract is responsible for 70% of the body's immune function. Why? That is where our nutrition is pulled out. That green smoothie you ate for breakfast, settles in the gut and there, the tummy goes to work pulling out the awesome vitamins and minerals you send to it. It will send those vitamins to all the systems of the body that need it most.

Take a look at the things that disturb healthy flora:

When we fill our guts with heavily processed foods, pasteurized dairy products, and sugar, we disrupt it's careful balance of healthy flora. These friendly bacteria are pivotal in helping our gut to think.
They prevent the growth of harmful pathogens and also the growth of histamine. They also make for a healthy immune response.

Other things that disrupt the healthy flora are physical stress (like my trade show event), Chemicals and toxins found in our environment (cleaners, beauty products, drugs, immunizations), a diet void of good nutrition (ie, processed food), and antibiotics. An over abundance of any of these stressors can result in low immune function, leading to tummy troubles, fatigue, aches and pains, sickness, allergies, and full blown auto-immune disease.

Signs that you have unhealthy gut flora:
  • Allergies (including hay fever)
  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Lupus
  • Celiac
  • MS
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
I have had a lot of people approach me and ask if there is an oil for the above problems. I always say, well, yes. There certainly is, but I personally do not like to use oils like a band aid. Using oils for pain or as an antihistamine is a wonderful tool because we avoid adding to toxic load by introducing drugs. But there is only one way to give the body the support it needs to get better. That is through creating a healthy gut. Heal the gut, boost the immune system, and restore health.

You can research a lot of different ways to get rid of unhealthy bacteria and replace it with the good stuff. None of them are easy. The  GAPs diet,  (have researched, but not tried) Candida Cleanse (have used in our family) are two places to start. I have seen others but to not wish to promote them here. All agree on two things. Cut out sugar in all forms as bacteria loves it even more than we do, and flood the gut with probiotics.

I have a great formula for making happy flora in your gut! May help cut down on those allergies too. Click here to read part two.

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  1. I'm a nurse, and I agree that the gut is very important to your overall health. I blog about my travels, I hope you will stop by and take a look!

  2. This just makes so much sense to me Janine. Thanks so much for sharing this with our Let's Get Real readers. I had horrible digestive issues prior to changing to real food. I didn't follow and certain detox or diet plan, but the result was that I " dumped the sugar and flooded my body with probiotics." It took a while to heal my gut, but it has improved so much. The transformation still amazes me. Thanks for helping to spread the word.

  3. You are going to make me wait till next week? Cry. :-) We as a family did GAPS and had wonderful success. However finances took a hit and it was too expensive. So I tried probiotics. Spent lots of money and got minimal results. Then I made a bunch of probiotic foods (veggie ferments, kombucha and kefir) and downed them daily. Wow, much better....UNTIL I had our newborn. I dealt with all these yeast issues during the pregnancy that I was able to take care of, except in the last three weeks, when my hormones got really wacky. I was looking forward the delivery so I could get back to normal. That has not happened. As a matter of fact the kefir that I was drinking 2 to 3 times daily now gives me terrible tummy pains (I think from the milk I used, but it didn't give me problems during my pregnancy, go figure). With a newborn it has been a hassle to try to make a separate kefir just for me, and to keep on top of my kombucha. I finally got around to replenishing my veggie ferments, and am just able to keep some symptoms at bay, but I have a long way to go. However this doesn't help my daughter (she has severe anxiety, and other gut/thyroid issues). I haven't been able to get her to keep it up. GAPS really helped her, but at 16 she hates having a restricted diet. Ugh, ugh and more ugh!

    Looking forward to reading your plan of action :-)


  4. I take probiotics and digestive enzymes as well as HCL for my digestion, among other vitamins and supplements. 5 years ago - ON THIS DAY actually - I had my large intestine taken out and since then... My life has been dramatically different, and really is focused around how my stomach feels ;(

  5. This makes sense. I just heard that the number of people who have diabetes has doubled in the last 20 years. I'm sure it's much due to the high sugar and processed foods, which our gut can't handle.

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