Oil Touch Hand Technique

According to Dr.David Hill, essential oils expert, there are 4 main factors that cause us to be physically unbalanced. They include
  • Stress
  • Toxic Insult
  • Inflammation
  • Autonomic imbalance
There are many things we can do nutritionally to offset these factors including eating real food. We also have 100% control of what we choose to use for lotion, shampoo, and other cosmetics. But even when eating clean 100% of the time and avoiding toxins, we still live in a toxic environment and will deal with stress, toxic insult, inflammation and imbalance on a regular basis. The better equipped we are with a healthy diet, consistent sleep patterns, and quality supplementation, the better able is our body to maintain homeostasis.

One way to do this is through use of the  Oil Touch Technique. It is always a honor to perform this aromatic, healing and cleansing massage. The relief we feel physically and emotionally as a result is always amazing. My kids beg for a turn. It is heart warming, when they are sick, to ask not for medicine, but for essential oils.

 Image courtesy of Praisaeng at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There is amazing power in touch alone. We need and crave it, but in a society that is all about my space vs. your space, we get appropriate, healing touch far too little. It is not always feasible to do the entire sequence, so I love that we can do a simple version on the hand. Each reflexology point is touched in this simple, beautiful massage.

Much good is being done in the world with it as well. There is a group of women in Georgia who massage frankincense into the hands of patients at care centers. This has sparked interest in other groups around the country and the healer's touch is being felt far and wide.

I like to do it for my children in church meetings or other quiet places when they are feeling restless, upset, or sleepy. They never turn that opportunity down.

I had a precious experience massaging a respiratory blend into the hand of an elderly woman who can rarely leave her home. It was so touching to share this with her and her husband couldn't have been more gracious about my coming.

I have taught this technique to cosmetology students and estheticians. Would you go back for a manicure again and again if you got an aromatic, healing massage every time? I think so!!

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  1. Hi, I would like to perform this on my daughter who is pregnant. Could you suggest the best oil to use? Thank you so much, I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Number one rule of thumb with anyone pregnant is to make sure they like the smell. Peppermint can be used if she is feeling nauseous...unless the smell makes it worse. Anything citrus would,be great as well as frankincense, myrrh, lavender, or sandalwood. Thanks for your kind words.