Remove a Mole With Apple Cider Vinegar

So easy a kid can do it.

One day, a big fat mole showed up on the bridge of my oldest son's nose. It has been with him for a very long time. Right there like a bullseye! I asked him a time or two if he would like to have it removed and he always said he was good with it. Isn't he one good looking boy? Awe, I love him!

He got hit with a skateboard once, and the cut was deep...right next to the mole. He made the comment, I wish it had taken the mole with it! Tough luck. Mole stays!

Later, it became kind of a good luck charm...at least, it attracted a few young ladies who would, ah hem, "rub it for luck." Really, girls, get your hands off my baby's nose!! I think he kinda liked that. Mole stays!

But about a year ago, he decided that a few too many comments were getting on the hurtful side and self image prevailed. Mole goes!

He had heard that others had success with frankincense. We have a friend who applied frankincense for 3 weeks and her mole fell off. We tried that for about 3 months and although it did get lighter and a bit smaller, patience is not a virtue for a 14 year old.

I had read a few articles about using ACV, but I loathe the smell of it, so didn't want him to have to use that near his nose. Turns out, he does not have the same aversion as me and went to work on it all by himself.

The procedure:
Wet a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar. Dab it on the mole. Cover with a bandaid and go to sleep.
Do this every night for as long as it takes to remove the mole.
To prevent scarring, dab it daily with frankincense, helichrysum, or the anti-aging blend.

The results:

Here is the before picture, after we plucked out a few unseemly hairs.

Here is a couple of days later, already scabbing over.

I almost forgot he had been doing the treatments because he took them over and kept right on applying each night. After two weeks, the change was dramatic!

My handsome boy after two weeks of ACV and a week of essential oils! He is happy with the painless results. I am happy he did it himself and all it cost me was a package of bandaids, 15 cotton balls and an ounce of organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Can't wait to see what this kid will discover next!

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  1. Do you leave the soaked cotton ball under the band-aid or do you just dab & cover? I would love to know before I start. Interesting I think I will try this! Thanks for sharing. Found you today at So much At Home so happy I did. Now following.

    1. Yes, he left the soaked cotton ball under the band aid all night.

  2. THAT is amazing! Kudos to you and your handsome son for sharing the fabulous results.
    And yes, those girls should keep their hands to themselves. What a forward society we must bear.
    Have a great day!

  3. My husband and I had just been looking into this for tags on the skin. One thing we read mentioned that the ACV burned the regular skin. Did he have any trouble with that? Thanks for sharing!

    1. No, not a bit of discomfort for him. That is why we opted for this instead of essential oils as they can burn the skin, especially under a band aid.

  4. wow, that's great! It's too bad that people were being mean about it though.

    Thanks for sharing with Waste not Want Not Wednesday!

  5. wow, very interesting! great article!! I might try this.

  6. very nice info thanks for sharing with Hearth and soul blog hop.

  7. I featured this very interesting post on my new link up party this week. I hope you will come link up more posts this week.
    God bless.

  8. This does work, and leave the cotton under the Band-Aid