Etched Aromatherapy Bottles

I have a friend in Oregon who is brilliant! Well, I have a few brilliant Oregonian friends actually. But this one caught my attention with these awesome etched bottles for making your own essential oil concoctions!!  I have paired her bottles with some of my favorite, simple and inexpensive natural cleaners.

Citrus Spray

Recipe 1: Make a citrus room spray. Add 10 drops of any citrus oil to 8 oz water. Spritz the room for an uplifting scent and to purify.
Recipe 2: Glass and surface cleaner: Add 10 drop citrus oil to equal parts water and vinegar.

Lavender Spray

Recipe 1: Mix 8-10 drops of Lavender oil with 8 oz of water. Spray linens before bed to make a relaxing atmosphere for sleep.
Other uses: Spray liberally for sunburned skin. Use as an air and carpet freshener. Spray on laundry 
as it comes out of the dryer.

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Peppermint Spray

Recipe 1: Mix 20 drops peppermint to 16 oz water and spray squash plants once week to control squash bugs. Alternately, spray doors and window sills to deter bugs including spiders.
Recipe 2: Mix 10 drops with 8 oz water, spray liberally on skin to relieve sunburn, repel mosquitos, cool the body.

The possibilities are endless when you have essential oils, water and a spray bottle. Clean, disinfect, uplift and cheer, and more!

To order these beautiful bottles, check out Etched Essentials!

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