Raspberry Cottage Cheese Whip (THM Friendly)

I have seen a few recipes for this out in the "blogosphere" and thought it sounded disgusting. Mainly  because I had visions of the horrible fruit salad that is customary at American pot luck dinners that includes fruit cocktail, powdered jello and cottage cheese. I have always detested that stuff, so "cottage berry whip" has not been on my priority list to make.

"Its tastes just like ice cream"...is a lie.  It does not taste anything like ice cream. It tastes like cottage cheese pureed with berries. But add 1/4 tsp of Stevia, and that taste was not bad at all. In fact, "gasp" I liked it! I would eat it again. I liked it that much. Maybe I will even try with strawberries. It is a quick snack, very filling, very low in calories and is a Fuel Pull snack with Trim Healthy Mama, so I can have it when I get a little hungry between meals. No guilt.

My recipe:
1 cup whole milk Cottage Cheese (or ricotta)
1 cup Raspberries
1/4 t powdered Stevia
A really awesome blender
A rubber spatuala,
A bowl,
A spoon,
and a hungry tummy.

Add the food to a blender or food processor and process until smooth.

This serves 2.

If you want to make it an Energy snack, with more carbs, A scoop of Blendfresh Red Fruits and Veggies is awesome and boosts the nutrition a ton. One scoop contains the phyto-nutrients of 12 fruits and veggies.

For fun, try out a drop of lemon, lime, or orange essential oils. It gives it more flavor and a little added sweetness.

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