All About Lemon Essential Oil

 What could be lovelier than lemon?

Not much, which is why we go through lemon faster than any oil in our home.  The greatest thing about essential oils is how versatile they are and lemon is no exception. In one afternoon, this is what my lemon use might look like:
  •  Get home from the grocery store, put a drop in my water to rehydrate.
  • Then, fill a sink with water and throw in my produce, add a few drops of lemon and let it work it's magic to clean.
  • Then, fill a bowl of water, throw in a wash cloth, and let it soak.
  • Once I have put away my produce, I will use that wash cloth to sanitize my counters, shine up my stainless, degrease my stove top, and polish my wood cabinets.
  • Then, I can mix up a batch of "Lemonies"  I can't think of one product that has so many uses, the results of which are all fantastic.
There are three basic ways to use Lemon Essential Oils: 

Open the bottle and inhale to uplift mood.
Diffuse a few drops each day to clean the air
Diffuse to improve cognitive ability
Add to a spray bottle with distilled water and spritz the air
Add a few drops to a cotton ball and put it in the vacuum bag
Add a drop to a cotton ball and use a clothes pin to attach to air conditioner vent in car.

Add a drop to your water each day for kidney and liver support
Take in a capsule
Use in baking to replace extracts
It is a powerful antioxidant that can help ward off free radicals
Provides cleansing and digestive benefits
Gargle and swallow to soothe an irritated throat

Rub behind neck to energize and uplift
Rub on chest to support healthy breathing
Add to spray bottle of water or vinegar and use as a non toxic cleaner for the home

I asked around my essential oil community to find out how they use this oil. Here are some  ideas they shared.:

"I use it to get glue off of surfaces."
"I put 4 drops in a liter of water to wash hair."
"I add to water in a spray bottle, and consistently spray where I don't want cats to pee." (Better idea, don't have a cat...don't hate me!)
"I drink it regularly when I feel a sinus pressure mounting." 
"I use it to clean my diffuser. Scrub with it, then diffuse it to have it working great again."
"I diffuse it to enhance my mood and as an energy booster."
"I drink more water when I add lemon to it."
"I diffuse to freshen the air."
"I use a drop or two in water for occasional stomach upset."
"It is awesome at getting crayon off walls!"
"It is really good at cleaning grime in general.

 Any other ideas? Please share in the comments section. Get out that lovely lemon and get going.
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  1. But I love my cats. Well one of them anyway. Love that lemon too. And I sanitize my counter tops multiple times a day because of that darn cat I love.

  2. I hate my cat. He is a good cat and looks so innocent. I am new to new to doTERRA and selling it too. I am learning as fast as I can and I find your blog so helpful. I put lemon in my water all the time and love it!!

  3. You recommend "rubbing on feet and drinking regularly", I'm confused.... what am I drinking? I'll gladly it rub on my feet, but don't tempt me when it comes to drinking.