Make Your Own Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Packets (THM)

The only thing I like about cooler weather is that I can have hot chocolate for breakfast! But making it can be a pain when I have to pull out all the ingredients every morning. So, today, I had the brilliant idea of making up single serve packets.

As a bonus, these packets are good news for health conscious social butterflies. How many cups of coffee do you sit down to a week to get to know how you can connect other people? I network often, but I am a non-coffee kind of coffee gal.  So, I usually just sip a bottle of water...lame. What I want is hot cocoa, but any I would get a coffee shop is outrageously expensive and sooo sweet. I just take one of these packets along and just order a steamed milk. Mix it up and have my chocolate with no sugar added! This is so gonna make me a better networker!

I like my cocoa slightly bitter as I prefer a darker chocolate flavor, so add more sweetener to yours if you do not like it.


Basic recipe for one serving:
(This is a Fuel Pull snack for those on Trim Healthy Mama-THM)
1 T cocoa (for the chocolate!)
2 T xylitol or organic sugar (for the sweet)
1 tsp gelatin (for protein and collagen)
1 pinch salt (for flavor enhancement)
1 drop peppermint or orange essential oil (for the fun)
or a shake of cinnamon. (optional)
Photo courtesy of olovedog, Free digital photos.net
Add all ingredients to a snack sized back and shake well. Mix with one cup of your milk of choice. Add a bit more xylitol or a pinch of stevia if you like it sweeter.

When making this at home, I like to add an egg yolk to the powders, then whisk in milk and heat slowly on the stove top. This gives it even more protein and makes a great meal replacement.

I hope this solves a problem for someone besides me. What is your favorite hot chocolate recipe?

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