11th Day of Christmas Challenge...Make Room for Him

How do we make room for Him?  I love research. Love it! As long as I am researching something that interests me. Travel, people, places, and health are subjects that I devour. I can get lost on the web for hours and not even know I have been gone, learning all I can about a topic. Lately, I am obsessed with Zillow. You can see so many houses and pictures and reviews for schools. I am embarrassed to admit how many hours I have spent learning about homes, places and schools in South Florida. But I love it. The problem is not what I have been researching, but the fact that it has consumed me to the point where I look up homes first thing in the morning, instead of reading my scriptures and praying.  In essence, I have not been making room for Him.

LUKE 2:7

There was no room for them in the inn.

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Today's Challenge: Make room for the Savior in your life by putting scriptures and prayers first every day. If that is not possible, set a time that works for you. Am I the only one who needs this??

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