14th Day of Christmas Challenge...Find Someone to Serve Today

I used to have a flock. A flock of chicken, though, not sheep. And once in awhile we threw in a few turkeys as well. One morning, I saw that our turkey, who thought he was a goat, was in the neighbor's yard. I was in a hurry to get someplace very important and couldn't take the time to go shoo him back to our yard. I figured I would take care of it when I got back. When I returned, I remembered about our goat turkey and ran up and down the fence line searching for him. No sign of the bird, so I timidly went into the neighbor's back yard. They have a large dog and I am not a fan. He is actually a nice for a dog and probably was very happy that the goat-turkey came to play. All fun and games in fact until the turkey died. And that is how I found him. Dead, dead, dead. Broken neck.

LUKE 2:8

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.
 photo GIF-14_zps1eupqa9q.gif

True shepherds love their sheep. The loss of even one lamb is devastating to them. For me, I just went to the store and bought my turkey for Thanksgiving that year. No problem. But not so for shepherds. The Savior of the world says we are His sheep and he will look after us. Every one is important to Him. None of us are replicable and He died for all of us. How can we best serve Him? By keeping watch over His sheep. We can look out for one another.

Today's challenge: Be a shepherd. Look for the opportunity to serve someone else and do it. Love to hear what opportunities were put in your path today!

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