7th Day of Christmas Challenge...Schedule time for Joy!

What have you done recently that caused you to leap? Good news? A first kiss?
For me, a good night's sleep and a clean house usually put a spring in my step. But that is about as close as I come to leaping.

LUKE 1:41-42

When Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb.
 photo GIF-7_zps4hfynnzm.gif

The Lord wants us to find joy. To be happy. Today, schedule a time just for you, to do something you love. Take yourself to a movie, watch a full hour of TV, go for a walk or read a magazine. Sit on the beach and watch the water, listen to music, take a bath, get a manicure. As for me, I got a gift certificate for a massage a year ago. A Full Year ago! Today, I am calling to make an appointment. Time for joy.
Let me know what you schedule this week.

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