Make Your Own Scented Pine Cone Ornaments

We have a family member who is allergic to real pine trees. It is sad, but sooo true. We learned the hard way as we brought home a real pine wreath and set it on the kitchen table. In minutes, he was awake and wheezing. I pulled out my favorite essential oils blend with eucalyptus and cardamom and he inhaled and it eased his breathing amazingly. But out the wreath went....for good.

Luckily for all of us, he does not react the same way to White fir essential oil, so we can still have the beautiful scent for the season. One way is to diffuse it. My favorite blend is called Tannembaum Forrest and is:

3 Drops White Fir
2 drops Grapefruit
1 drop Frankincense

Add water to the fill line of the diffuser, add the oils and turn it on. 

I am in love!!

Another fun way is to scent your own pine cones. You can buy cinnamon pine cones in the store, but I love getting unscented so I can change it up. At times I put white fir, or can do cinnamon or a Christmas blend of all my favorites. 

Just add your oil of choice to the pine cones, a drop or two to each will do you. Place them in a basket like this:

Or tie on strings and make ornaments for the tree:

What is your favorite scent of Christmas?

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