Warm Winter Chai

I love comforting warm drinks in the winter.  Especially ones that warm from the inside out. Those that when you sip it, it is like being wrapped in a warm blanket. This warm drink does just that!  Chai is a mix of Indian spices that soothe the tummy and support digestion. Several of them open the sinuses too, so you have a "win win" in the middle of "win winter."  And let me tell you, this stuff makes your tummy smile while it goes down. Feel free to omit any of the oils if they turn you off. You could add black tea as well, for more traditional, but I prefer it with just milk or almond milk. Oh and a splash of cream never hurt anyone! Neither does an extra drop of cinnamon!

***Note, this recipe makes a very strong drink. You can dip a toothpick in the bottle and swirl it in your milk for a milder taste, or follow recipe number 2.

Recipe #1

To make this super simple, make your own chai blend to drink or diffuse.

Recipe #2

Not all Essential oils are created equally. Use only certified pure oils when taking internally. Email me if you need suggestions. 

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