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I grew up in a great town, with okay schools and dreamed of growing up to teach in one of those schools. All I ever wanted to be was a teacher...except for the time I wanted to be a psychologist, and the time I wanted to be a farmer, and the time I wanted to 6 feet tall. Well, the only one I ever had success with was being a teacher. And for 8 school years, I honestly loved spending time with 4, 5, and 6-year-olds. But always, there was a nagging in me that as worthy as a calling as teaching is, I could not continue to do it being undervalued, over worked, under funded and lets face it...BROKE! But worse than all of that was that more than wanting to be a teacher, I wanted to be a mom. Not just any mom, A glorious, fabulous, wonderful stay-at-home mom! I was so blessed after my daughter was born to reach that goal. My husband is a pilot and we finally finished all the training needed and we received on of the greatest blessings of our married lives! A job that allowed me to leave teaching and come home where I was valued, yes, still over worked and under funded, but full of joy to be home with my three little ones.
Now, all those little ones, plus one more and a nephew are in school all day and joining the PTA or volunteering in classrooms holds little appeal to me. TV bores me. Housework is not my favorite. I spent time learning to make lots of foods from scratch. I do love inventing real food recipes and many are shared here on my blog. I still feel called to do more. To be more. And an introduction to essential oils changed the course of my whole life. They have brought to our family a sense of empowerment that I never before experienced. I opened my first bottle of oils and was in love. Then I learned that there is a business opportunity to share with my friends. I could get paid to do that which I was already doing naturally. But the pay off was not what I expected. I never knew this person that I am today existed. She is confident and fearless. She is determined and passionate.
To me, a home based business makes sense. I can work my own schedule. I can be my own boss. I can take the day off when I want to. I can go as fast or as slow as I desire. I can make as much money as I believe that I can. To become a teacher, I graduated from a four year University (Brigham Young University...Go Cougars). I was certified to teach in two states. Utah and Oklahoma. They happened to be the two states with the lowest teacher salary. I started, I believe at a salary of $22,000. I thought I was rich!! I had a husband to put through flight school, and soon our first child was born. At year 2, my salary went all the way to $24,000! Yippee! But once child number two came and household expenses continued to increase, and there were holds for years on pay raises, we found ourselves barely scraping by.
I love the Network Marketing plan. You get paid by how hard you work, not by what someone else thinks you are worth. Even if it takes you four years to earn the big bucks in Network Marketing, you will gain more knowledge, more confidence, and be richer than with a four year degree. Trust me, I know!
Finding the right Network Marketing Company is not easy. There are four things you should look for:
  • A great, consumable product
  • Reputable Company with Owner Integrity
  • An awesome compensation plan
  • A way to duplicate success
And as for me, it should call to you. The only way to have lasting success is to be a product of the product. So, if you are not one who would ever use essential oils, do not try and get involved in selling oils. You have to have a belief in the product. But even more importantly, you must, above all else have a Belief in YOU!!!
I would love to tell you all about which company I love and believe in. They have owners with integrity who follow the law and encourage us to do so as well. They produce the most beautiful essential oils that I have ever had the privilege to use and are working to make a difference in every community in the world. The compensation plan is better than any I have ever seen. Retention of customers is unprecedented because those who use the oils love them and reorder. And every month, new leaders are being introduced, advancing in rank and bringing in abundance for their families. I love being a part of this. But even more thrilling is introducing it to others. If you would like to learn about this amazing company and business opportunity, please contact me. As much as you desire to grow, I will match it! I will help you to enjoy the riches that I now enjoy in my life!

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  1. Just found your blog and have spent the last hour reading a lot of your post. Thank you so much for sharing what you have learned with others. Our family has been on a journey of changing what we eat and how we care for our health. I don't know much about using essential oils so looking forward to learning from you. Since God created man from the earth it make sense that the plants from that same earth can be used to heal our bodies and prevent diseases. Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much Charlotte! I appreciate you taking the time to read what I have written. I hope you will continue to come back and comment as well.

  3. Healing ourselves by what we eat! Don't you wish society would accept this? ;) glad you are doing this for your family. It's hard sometimes... especially early in the morning for me! Oh, and when traveling!